Margaret Pratt Community

Margaret Pratt Community is a brand new assisted living and memory care center in Bradford, VT. They were looking for a complete branding and collateral package and an effective ad series so they could start recruiting residents. Here’s what we did:


Step 1: Logo Development

We turned this:


Into This:


And This:


The client came to me with an existing logo. We worked together to turn a very stark and uniform-like logo into something that better reflected the nature of the brand: warm, welcoming, and full of life. We also created a seasonal version of the logo for holiday marketing efforts... and because in Vermont we have 6 months of winter. In this process we created a color palette and style guide with complimentary fonts.


Step 2: Imagery

Since the center was under construction, it was impossible to get their own photos. I sourced high-quality stock (but-not-stock-looking) images that reflected the brand and purchased them.


Step 3: Collateral Development

We worked together to develop a pocket folder with stepped inserts that has all the information about Margaret Pratt Community and clearly outlines the benefits of and procedure for how to become a resident. Download the digital version

We also developed letterhead, envelopes, business cards, name tags, thank you cards, invitations - everything they’d need to hit the ground running.


Step 4: Advertising

We developed 4 direct-mail postcard campaigns that were sent to a specific target market. Also a series of ads to run in local newspapers, magazines, and publications and digital ads for select websites. In each case I sourced the images and made copywriting recommendations. (Click image to enlarge)

Postcard Example:

Postcard Back:

Newspaper Ad Example:

Animated Digital Ad (slide 1 of 4)